How Can We Help You With Your Video Production Needs?

Safety Training Videos

Safety Training ensures your employees and/or contractors a safe and healthy work environment. It teaches them best safety practices and expectations. NPV Productions can help you create safety videos designed to meet your company’s specific safety needs and problems.

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Corporate and Educational Videos

A training video that educates an individual on specific topics helps to improve comprehension, increase retention and creates a more engaging sensory experience. NPV has experience in creating corporate education training videos as well as educational and instruction training video for academia.

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Industrial Videos

Video can be used as an educational, sales or marketing tool and displayed at trade shows to showcase your facility or products. Sometimes it is difficult to explain a manufacturing or industrial process. Video provides your customers with a visual experience of what you do and how it works.

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Instructional Videos

An instructional video provides detailed information on how to meet a specific challenge. It demonstrates a process, transfers knowledge, explains a concept or shows someone how to do something. At NPV, our videos help you provide the instructional techniques to clarify or understand a specific task or process.

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Marketing and Promotional Videos

Video is an effective media for promoting and marketing your products or services, increasing your digital and social media channel engagement, educating your customers and driving traffic to your website. NPV cam help you create videos that improve brand awareness and build trust with existing customers as well as prospects.

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Social Media Videos

These videos are short snippets that are engaging and quickly grab the viewers attention leaving them to want more. They are used to engage your viewers on social channels. Social media videos can be anywhere from five seconds to two minutes depending on the platform being used for video distribution.

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Case Study: EQT

Pittsburgh, PA


Mike Lauderbaugh EQT, VP of EHS
Nick Padezan, Owner of NPV Productions, LLC


EQT Contractor Safety Training Video

Pre-Production Filming Post-Production

EQT is committed to creating an environment where they continuously FOCUS on what it takes to keep their employees and contractors safe, healthy and injury free. The goal is to get everyone to FOCUS on Safety!

NPV worked with the EQT Safety Department to develop an engaging and effective safety training program specifically designed for EQT employees and contractors. Once the script was completed, NPV’s video crew went out into the field and filmed actual scenarios of safety incidents and concerns. EQT personnel were used for the role plays under the direction of the NPV Director/Producer, Nick Padezan. After several days of filming, the post-production process started. This included editing the various segments using video footage, text graphics, professional voice narration and an audio soundtrack.

The training video was designed to be engaging, educational and entertaining in order to keep viewers attention. By customizing the training video, viewers can better relate to and identify with the workers' environment, equipment and importance of safety portrayed in the visuals. EQT employees and contractors must watch the EQT EH&S Safety Training video online and pass a test in order to receive a Safety Card and be approved for access to an EQT site. EQT will test over 35,000 people this year. We helped EQT to achieve their goals of developing an effective educational Safety Training video to get everyone to FOCUS of Safety, be vigilante of safety hazards and watch out for each other.

NPV continues to work with EQT creating additional safety training scenarios as part of their continuing education under the EQT FOCUS Training Program.

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A Pittsburgh, PA Video Production Company

About Us

At NPV, a Pittsburgh Video Production Company, we help clients unlock their imagination, create their visual message and communicate it effectively. Our wide variety of video production services takes your company’s image to the next level.

NPV collaborates with clients from concept to the final production, transforming ideas into creative solutions. Throughout this process, we keep your interests and marketing needs in focus every step of the way.

From brainstorming to storyboard, through casting and shooting, then into final production, NPV delivers, using the latest 4K UHD filming equipment, post production editing systems and video software.

NPV takes the time to get the job done right the first time, maximizing your investment. After meeting with us, you may find making a professional quality video costs less than you imagined.

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Case Study: Bank's Lifts

North Versailles, PA

Pre-Production Filming Post-Production

Anyone who has rebuilt or replaced a Harley Davidson engine knows the issues and difficulty of the work involved! Tom and George Banks of Banks Brothers Motorcycles developed a hydraulic lift to help simplify the process. They needed a promotional video to show how it works and how simple it is to use for promotional and website distribution.

Initially NPV worked with Tom and George Banks, owners of Banks Brothers Motorcycles, producing a video library of the many collectable antique Harley Davidson Motorcycles in their collection. The bikes were filmed in the Bank Motorcycle museum using an electronic turntable to spin the bikes and showcase all of the bikes features.

During post-production, we recorded Tom talking about each bike and its unique features to use for video narration. These videos were used on their website to create a one of a kind virtual museum of their Harley Collection. NPV Productions also produced a promotional video for the Bank Brothers Motorcycles website.

As a result of the brothers working together, this led to a new venture where George Banks invented the Banks Lift for removing engines from Harley Davidsons. NPV produced the initial promo video for the bike lift, but George revised an and enhanced the original design. As a result, the Banks Lift was featured as Cycle Source Magazine’s 2019 Shop Product of the Year. NPV Productions produced a promotional video for their website, YouTube and social media use showcasing the award-winning Engine Lift and how it works.

NPV has also produced a video for Banks Gas Services, owned by Tom Banks, showcasing their many services and capabilities.

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NPV Creative Process


  • Project Management
  • Concept Development
  • Creative Direction
  • Storyboarding
  • Scriptwriting
  • On-Camera Talent
  • Professional Voice Narration
  • Location Scouting

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  • Filming with 4K Cameras
  • Professional Lighting
  • Professional Sound Equipment
  • Drone Capabilities
  • Teleprompter Services
  • Location Filming
  • Studio Filming
  • Greenscreen Capabilities

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  • HD Editing Suites
  • Stock Photo and Video Library
  • Music Soundtrack Search and Acquisition
  • Graphic Design and Layout
  • Animation and Motion Graphics
  • Closed Captioning Service
  • Foreign Language Translation Service
  • Flash Drive Duplication Services
  • Web Video Content Delivery

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Case Study: Elmer's Aquarium

Monroeville, PA

Pre-Production Filming Post-Production

Elmer’s Aquarium started celebrating its 50th Anniversary in April 2019. NPV Productions produced a promotional video and social media videos showcasing their store, the wide array of colorful and unique species of fish and the large selection of aquariums and accessories. Customers travel to Elmer’s because it’s worth the drive!

NPV Productions worked closely with the client to guide them through the Pre-Production, Filming and Post-Production processes. We started with a visit to the store for a creative session to develop a script, storyboard ideas and determine a filming strategy. There were filming challenges with the tight aisles and filming various types fish and other aquatic species through glass tanks and trying to avoid glare. We staged the store with customers and recruited some kids for talent, who did a great job with their inquisitive exploration of a wide array of colorful and exotic fish. We worked closely with the owners to determine what types of fish and other aquatic life to showcase in their video.

NPV Productions transformed the Elmer’s logo into animation, we used various filming techniques to capture the best and creative shots, filmed a time lapse of kids building their aquarium, showcased all the other products available at Elmer’s Aquarium and used the “timeless” soundtrack composed for Elmer’s many, many years ago. The videos were posted on the Elmer’s Aquarium’s website, uploaded to YouTube and used for Social Media distribution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Started?

First, we’ll contact you to ask questions and obtain more specifics about your video project. Then, we’ll provide you with a formal proposal based on the scope of the project with a custom strategy, creative approach and estimated production costs. There is no charge for this service and no strings attached.

How Long Will It Take to Produce My Video?

Typically, it takes 4-8 weeks to produce a quality video. But it largely depends on your project requirements and adhering to a production schedule. The more complex, the longer to produce. However, if your project is on a tight timeline, NPV can work with you to expedite your project for a faster delivery to meet your deadline.

How Much Does a Video Cost?

It depends on the scope of your project, such as, length of video, one or multiple location filming sessions, do you need professional on-camera talents, what are your post productions requirements, etc. We work with you to determine your project needs in order to develop a cost-effective solution to deliver a professional quality video that makes your business stand out.

What is the Process for Producing a Video?

The first step is learning about your business goals. We then provide you with a formal proposal. Once approved, we start the planning process in defining the video specs, developing an outline and creating a script. After filming, we proceed to the post-production process. After an initial video edit, we work closely with you to finalize the video.

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