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Typically, it takes 4-8 weeks to produce a quality video. But it largely depends on your project requirements and adhering to a production schedule. The more complex, the longer to produce. However, if your project is on a tight timeline, NPV can work with you to expedite your project for a faster delivery to meet your deadline.

It depends on the scope of your project, such as, length of video, one or multiple location filming sessions, do you need professional on-camera talents, what are your post productions requirements, etc. We work with you to determine your project needs in order to develop a cost-effective solution to deliver a professional quality video that makes your business stand out.

The first step is learning about your business goals. We then provide you with a formal proposal. Once approved, we start the planning process in defining the video specs, developing an outline and creating a script. After filming, we proceed to the post-production process. After an initial video edit, we work closely with you to finalize the video.

You can write your own script if you desire or we can collaborate with you and write it for you. Writing a script for video is different than writing for printed materials. We understand the techniques of scriptwriting and how to make it work with the visuals. We always work closely with you through the scriptwriting process.

Scriptwriting happens in the Pre-Production phase of video production.

The length of your video depends on your marketing strategy and how you plan to use it. TV commercials typically have an exact time limit such as 15, 30 or 60 seconds due to broadcast requirements. Videos for social media tend to be short and to the point. YouTube videos can range from 30 seconds to 2-3 minutes. A video produced for your website or tradeshow can be longer in length. Videos produced for educational purposes may be longer in length but edited into a series of shorter segments for training.

In most cases, we can film on location at your office, plant or worksite. It depends on the scope of your project. If your project requires, we can secure a studio for filming.

A Teleprompter is an electronic device that allows a presenter or talent to read a script while maintaining direct eye contact with the camera. The script is typed and imported into a prompter software program. It is then projected on to a two-way piece of glass which is mounted directly in front of the camera’s lens. When the presenter reads the script, they are making direct contact with the camera lens, which serves as the audience. A Teleprompter is a reading tool that offers support and confidence to the speaker to make a flawless presentation. If you have never read from a Teleprompter, don’t worry, we’ll work with you and coach you before filming.

There a few options for narrating your script. You may have someone at your organization that can do the voiceover narration for the script. Or, we can hire professional talent to do the voice narration. We have access to a large pool of profession talent. We work closely with you to determine the requirements for the talent search – do you prefer a male or female voice, a talent age range, and what tone or style for the script reading, for example, friendly, conversational or authoritative, etc. We can give you a few recommended samples to choose from. Or, with our years of experience we can perform a search and present you with suggested voice samples to choose from. As always, we will work with you to select the voice that best fits your video and keep it within the project budget.

At NPV, we work with professional talent agencies in the Pittsburgh area and we can audition and select the right talent for your video project. If your production has budget constraints, you may want to consider using company employees, business associates or even your friends or family members, if necessary. We can work with and coach your talent appropriately to feel comfortable on camera so that we can a attain a professional presentation.

Once you request a quote, we will need to ask you some specific questions about your video project in order to acquire the information we need to determine a cost for all professional services required, such as location filming or studio filming, how large of a filming crew is needed, do you require on-camera talent or professional voice narration, scriptwriting services, etc. Once we have all the required information, we can provide you with a proposal for video service within 24 to 48 hours.

Absolutely, but first we will create a timeline and perform a rough edit to get started. Then, you can join us to review the initial edit and we can make the appropriate edits and tweak the video. We’ll schedule an editing session with you and bring our mobile editing system to your office for your convenience.

There are many types of videos you can produce. We can produce short videos for YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites. These videos have become very popular. We can also help you to create longer running videos such as a marketing and promo video for your website, sales presentations and trade shows.

Simple, do your homework and research. Visit their website to learn more about them, their capabilities, level of expertise and the type of work they have done by viewing sample videos performed for their clients. Look for client testimonials on their site. Satisfied clients are always willing to give a positive testimonial about a great experience and quality work. Schedule a face to face meeting and ask questions. Meeting the face of the production company can tell you a lot about them.

It starts with a good idea of what you are looking to create and having a budget in mind as to how much you are willing to spend. If you want to keep your cost really low, you may want to shoot it with your iPhone or ask a student to film it. Keep in mind, your professional image is paramount when marketing your products and services. Think of it like buying a car. Do you want all the options and gadgets available or do you just want a car with the basics. Know your marketing objectives and create an appropriate budget.

NPV Productions video services are very competitively priced in relationship to other Pittsburgh Video Production companies. With our years of experience and expertise in video production, employing best practices and our priority to deliver an exceptional video, nothing is more important than Quality, Commitment, Superior Customer Service, Honesty and Integrity. We always work closely with our clients to maximize their budgets and give them the most for their money.

Remember, you have a budget for a reason, and you want to get the most you can from that budget. Let’s say you went to buy a new car and your budget is $15,000. Do you think the dealer would show you a new Mercedes-Benz? By knowing your budget, we can produce the best possible video for your money. We can use some creative editing ideas to make your video look expensive without going over budget. We’ll deliver a finished video that will be worth every dollar you spend.

NPV Productions is an award-winning production company with nearly 30 years in video production. Nothing is more important than Quality, Commitment, Superior Customer Service, Honesty and Integrity. Over the years, we have cultivated an excellent rapport with our clients, and a longstanding relationship with many of them. Every client is important, and we want them to be 100% satisfied with their completed project. We don’t just want to be your production company, we want to be part of your team, working together and collaborating on every part of the process creating a great video that effectively delivers your message and makes your company shine!

In the filming world, Half day and Full day rates are standard. A shoot consists of preparation, equipment set-up, the filming session and equipment tear down.

Every project is different and has its own requirements and logistics. Depending on the scope of the work and requirements, it can take from anywhere from a few weeks to several months. At NPV, our process starts with good planning, client collaboration, teamwork and commitment. The more we plan and prepare, the quicker the process.

No problem. That’s why we here to help you. We have the experience and the expertise to guide you through our process. Just tell us what you’d like to convey in your video, and we will help you formulate ideas, develop a creative strategy and execute a well-planned production.

We can work with you to customize a budget. Typically, we require 25% at the start of your project, 25% after filming is completed, and 50% at final delivery. But, if necessary, we can work with you to develop a payment schedule to pay for your video project over specified time period.

First, we’ll contact you to ask questions and obtain more specifics about your video project. Then, we’ll provide you with a formal proposal based on the scope of the project with a custom strategy, creative approach and estimated production costs. There is no charge for this service and no strings attached.

A quoted cost for the same project can vary for several reasons. A low quoted cost may be due to the skill level of the company quoting the project and not having a good understanding of what it takes to produce the video, or perhaps a cost on the high-end may be attributed to by a third party, such as an marketing agency that will subcontract the video production services and add on their agency costs.

At NPV Productions, we pride ourselves on understanding the scope and requirements of the project and quoting it appropriately. We have an experienced and multi-talented crew who have extensive expertise and skills in both innovative filming techniques as well as creative post-production capabilities.

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