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This short video guides you through the entire process from concept to completion. It’s not as difficult as you may have imagined. At NPV Productions, we have guided hundreds of businesses just like yours through this process. We like to take a step by step approach so that we don’t miss any important details. Planning and scheduling ensures a smooth production and helps us to complete the project on time and on budget.

First, we’ll determine a creative strategy for your video project and develop the creative elements for the video’s visual message. Next, we’ll prepare our game plan for filming – do we need to film on location or in a studio, what type of talent is required and what other constraints are there to complete filming. And last, we put it all together with our editing skills. Create an editing timeline and add all the creative ingredients needed for the finished production – import footage from the filming session, add professional voice narration, motion graphics and special FX and/or animation, and a music track and then we master the final production.

With nearly 30 years of experience, we have mastered the art of making it easy to guide our clients through the Pre-Production, Filming and Post-Production process. Let us help unlock your creative ideas and create an award winning quality video production.


Effective planning lays the foundation for your project. It helps create the path to a successful outcome while also controlling project costs. And, the success of a great production is based on developing a relationship with your client through collaboration, teamwork, and commitment.

To start, it’s essential to define the project. Who is your target audience and what goals do you want to meet? How do you want to deliver your video message? What’s your expected outcome? NPV can help you clarify your goals.

Pre-Production Tasks May Include:

Project Management

At NPV Productions, we understand the importance of your project and what it means to you. That’s why we work together with you to determine your specific needs and how to best execute them. From the start to the end, we keep you informed of your project’s progress and guide you through the entire process.

Concept Development

We work with you to unlock your imagination and cultivate ideas in a creative planning session, determine your video requirements and layout a plan before production starts. At our initial kickoff meeting, we will ask you a lot of questions in order to better understand your business, your goals and your objectives.

Creative Direction

We collaborate with you to help develop the creative vision for your project and develop an approach. What is the look, tone and message that you want to promote? We also start to formulate how to show unity between the creative vision and marketing strategy.


It’s important that the script is written before any filming or production starts. It tells the story and contains all the action and scenes of the story. It is essentially the blueprint of the video.


This is a sequence of rough sketches to help convey how the video will flow, with various camera angles and how the footage will work together. This enables our staff and film crew, as well as you, to visualize how the script transforms to the onscreen images.

Talent Search

Your project may require on screen talent. This may include personnel within your company or NPV can search and hire professional talent. Talent can include on-camera actors or professional voice narration talent to tell your story. At NPV, we have access to an array of top-notch talent.

Location Shooting

Every project has some requirements of where the video will be filmed. It can be at your facility, on a sound stage or in some cases, it can be on a job site. We will look for the best location for your specific needs, secure the location and make sure any props or talent are scheduled for the filming session.


Experienced video specialists ensure quality set-ups and filming for post production. Our film crews use the latest high definition cameras, professional lighting and audio recording equipment. And, our Jib Crane creates spectacular motion shots as well as our HDSLR camera moving effortlessly on a professional slider bar. A creative drone aerial shot can deliver a unique birds eye perspective to the viewer.

Filming Tasks May Include:

Filming with 4K Cameras

NPV uses 4K video cameras in order to get the best footage possible. We have a wide array of camera equipment, ranging from cinema style cameras, video cameras, HDSLR cameras and Go Pro cameras. NPV has various types of filming devices to enhance the creativity of the filming process. They range from sliders to image stabilization, to a jib crane or even a drone.

Professional Lighting

Every job requires some form of lighting. NPV has various light kits for various applications. These include LED, Florescent and Incandescent kits. We are proud of how we light our filming sessions and we have worked hard through the years to get really good at it.

Professional Audio

Our crew is always equipped with field audio gear ranging from shot gun mics to lavalier microphones to ensure the best quality digital sound.


NPV has drones that we use for dynamic aerial shots when an opportunity requires it. Aerial shots present a whole new perspective and look of buildings, landscape or even the inside of a plant or facility.

Teleprompter Services

There are times when a script may be quite lengthy and may require too much memorization. Here is how a Teleprompter works - We enter the script into the Teleprompter software and the script is projected onto a two-way mirror mounted in front of the camera's lens. This allows you to maintain eye contact with the viewer while delivering a flawless presentation.

Location or Studio Filming

In most cases, we can film on location at your office, plant or worksite. It depends on the scope of your project. If your project requires, we can secure a studio for filming.

Green Screening

This is the method used by weather reporters on TV. They stand in front of a green screen and the green is keyed out and replaced with an image such as a weather map. We can do the same thing for you and insert any background you like. NPV has a portable greenscreen for on location filming. We also have access to big greenroom studios for larger jobs.

Makeup Artist

Looking good is part of any production. Therefore, we make sure you look good by applying makeup, keeping those hairs in place and making sure your clothing is adjusted properly. Some jobs require less makeup time than others. We do our own makeup for budget-minded jobs, but we also have professional makeup artists available, if required.


Post-Production is the painting on the canvas of video production. Video editing is where everything comes together using a variety of post production services such as video editing, motion graphics, animation, original or stock music tracks, professional voice narration track and other special effects as required to create your video.

Post-Production Tasks May Include:

Editing Suites

NPV has multiple in-house editing suites as well as portable laptop editing systems. If needed, we can create an initial edit and then meet with you at your office/location to review and tweak the edits making it more convenient for you.

Stock Photos and Videos

We have several on-line services we can access for videos and photos. There are times when it may actually be cheaper to purchase a video clip or photo rather than incur the expense of creating it. This can help keep production costs down while still maintaining professional quality.

Music Soundtracks

A good music soundtrack is essential for creating a great production. We have access to a vast library of music soundtracks to fit your project. We will search for just the right music, share our choices with you and collaborate on selecting the final track. NPV also has access to professional composers and musicians who can customize a music selection just for your production.

Graphics & Animation

Finishing your video with well designed text graphics is essential to any video project. If required, we can create animations adding another layer of dimension and design to your production as well.

Closed Captioning

Closed captioning is sometimes confused as being for the hearing impaired. This is not always the case. Closed captioning is also used so the volume can be turned-off but the viewer can still follow and understand the video. This is very commonly used with social media videos viewed on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Foreign Language Translation Service

If your video requires being translated into a foreign language, we can help with contracting foreign language translation services and hiring professional talent to narrate the translated script.

Flash Drive Duplication

Deliver your video project on a USB drive. NPV can provide flash drives customized with your company’s logo & color and the video title.

Video Content Delivery

NPV can deliver your digital videos in many different digital formats. Tell us your specifications and we’ll deliver your video in the appropriate digital format.