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An instructional video provides detailed information on how to meet a specific challenge. It demonstrates a process, transfers knowledge, explains a concept or shows someone how to do something. There are various types of Instructional Videos, such as demonstrations, product use and assembly, product maintenance, etc. At NPV, our videos help you provide the instructional techniques to clarify or understand a specific task or process.

Keep your instructional video simple and to the point. To keep your audience engaged and interested, make sure your videos are no longer than 10 minutes. If you have one hour of video-based instruction and training, find the main points and break up the training into those key segments. Occasional close-ups with the instructor looking at the camera help to create and maintain a connection to the viewers.

Filming an instructional video in Pittsburgh PA

Video is the "How To" Resource of Choice

Planning the creation of a How To video with NPV Productions

Video is the most popular and common teaching technique today. It's also one of the fastest means available to create engaging online learning experiences. Using video is an easy way to make a connection between the instructor and the learners. Millions of people rely on YouTube videos every day to learn "How To" do something.

Does your business involve teaching or instructing? Training others in your specialization? Do you have a special talent to share? If so, "How To" videos are perfect for your business!

Instructional Videos are Perfect for:

  • Teaching employees "How To" install products
  • "How To" service or maintain products
  • "How To" sell your products or service to clients
  • Demonstrate "How To" perform a critical first aid procedure

Making Instructional Videos Effectively

Stages for Creating Videos

Planning - This stage sets the foundation for the video – determining goals and expectations, developing an outline and copy points for scripting, suggested length of the video, and project budget.

Preparation for Filming - Prepare script, determine shoot date and location, and determine filming crew and required equipment. Also, select the talent who will do the instruction or presenting and determine their visual aids and props. Talent may be an existing employee or professional talent that can be acquired for filming.

Filming Session - After setting up the equipment for the filming session, the presenter can perform a practice run through so that the camera crew will be familiar with the sequence of training. If the presenter is going to speak live to the camera, they may decide to use a Teleprompter. A Teleprompter is a reading tool that offers support and confidence to the speaker to make a flawless presentation. If the presenter has never read from a Teleprompter, they will be coached appropriately before filming.

Post-Production Editing - During this stage of video post-production, all components of the project are assembled using creative editing technology, footage from the filming session, supporting graphics and text and other editing techniques as required for the final production.

Instructional Videos for Every Need

Safety. Teach employees and contractors the importance of safety.

Industrial. Train employees how to do their job and teach customers how to use and maintain company products.

Healthcare. Nurses, medical therapists, first responders and other medical professionals will benefit from videos teaching aspects of health, nutrition, medical and safety procedures, first aid, emergency practices and therapies.

Exercise and Physical Training. Includes aerobics, weight-training, yoga, cardio rehab and sports conditioning.

Educational. Teaching with video content can be educational and effective both online and in the classroom. Video provides consistency making sure each class get the same lesson. Video is a great teacher!

Music. Teach individuals how to play, read music, purchase an instrument and maintain and care for the instruments they already own.

Cooking. Show how to prepare your favorite recipes. Video is a great way of preserving family holiday traditions or ethnic favorites. With video you can star in your own cooking show.

Example Instructional Videos

Below, you will find a sample portfolio of our video production work.

Airscent_AromaOne Air Freshner Installation Training

Banks Lift Assembly Instructions

Orkin Air Remedy RX/Air Spa

SURCO Fresh Strap

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Instructional Video FAQs

In most cases, we can film on location at your office, plant or worksite. It depends on the scope of your project. If your project requires, we can secure a studio for filming.

At NPV, we work with professional talent agencies and we can audition and select the right talent for your video project. If your production has budget constraints, you may want to consider using company employees, business associates or even your friends or family members, if necessary. We can work with and coach your talent appropriately to feel comfortable on camera so that we can a attain a professional presentation.

Every project is different and has its own requirements and logistics. Depending on the scope of the work and requirements, it can take from anywhere from a few weeks to several months. At NPV, our process starts with good planning, client collaboration, teamwork and commitment. The more we plan and prepare, the quicker the process.

First, we’ll contact you to ask questions and obtains more specifics about your video project. Then, we’ll provide you with a formal proposal based on the scope of the project with a custom strategy, creative approach and estimated production costs. There is no charge for this service and no strings attached.

NPV Productions is an award-winning production company with nearly 30 years in video production. Nothing is more important than Quality, Commitment, Superior Customer Service, Honesty and Integrity. Over the years, we have cultivated an excellent rapport with our clients, and a longstanding relationship with many of them. Every client is important, and we want them to be 100% satisfied with their completed project. We don’t just want to be your production company, we want to be part of your team, working together and collaborating on every part of the process creating a great video that effectively delivers your message and makes your company shine!

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